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Eric S. pharmacist, Natural Pharmacy

“One customer had problem with his girlfriend. Six weeks after, all smiling. He is getting 2 erections daily. Good for weekends.”

Thomas Kinston, MD

“BetterMAN significantly improved in many men both their libido and sexual functions, as well as surprisingly improved their urinary issues.”

Jerry Emtage, MD, Urologist, British Virgin Islands

“We have been recommending BetterMAN since 2001. It works. Men are returning regularly to ask for it. We have no reports of side effects or contraindications.”

Barry Stern, MD, Urologist, Arizona

“Men must be getting pretty good results… They are coming back and ask for more.”

Arnold Gitomer, RPh, Willner Chemists, New York City

“BetterMAN is the most successful product for men’s sexual health that I’ve ever had the pleasure of recommending at Willner Chemists.”

Lou V. (87, WWII veteran)

“I am an 87 year young, WWII veteran. I am in good health. I just finished my first 3 bottles of BetterMAN .BLITZ and SACK!!! WOW!!!”

Jack S. (45, improved erection)

“In the first month, I saw no effect. By the second month, I began to suspect that there was change. My erection seemed to have a life of its own! That was novel! Since taking BetterMAN, my erections have been generally stronger, my confidence and hope greatly boosted and my libido greatly enhanced.”

George N. (72, interviewed by Dateline NBC, improved erection and decreased premature ejaculation,)

“Three years ago, I thought I was getting old. When it came to sex, nothing was connecting. My urologist told I needed some supplement and introduced me to BetterMAN. After 2 bottles, I noticed a big difference. My sex life became much more frequent as if I was in my 40′s! I have been taking BetterMAN ever since. No side effects at all. BetterMAN is exactly what my wife and I need to put our sex life back on track.”

Lenny Z. (52, improved erection)

“I have noticed some very definite physical changes. I do have a greatly increased incidence of spontaneous erection, which used to occur two to three times a week, and now occurs once or twice per day, especially upon waking. They are full, long-lasting erections. This is a completely new event, and very encouraging to me regarding the future.”

Ron L. (64, improved erection after surgery)

“I had a surgery last year. My doctor recommended BetterMAN to me to support my erection. It definitely helped. I am grateful to the product.”

Rick P. (64, improved erection and bladder control)

“I am now 64 and pretty healthy, but want a little boost. I had an issue with occasional frequent urination. What a great product you have! I now urinate less frequently, and my erections are stronger and more long lasting. Thanks for doing the research. You should be very proud of BetterMAN.”

Scott G. (50, improved erection and bladder control)

“I lost the ability to have an erection several years ago as the result of a heart condition. After taking BetterMAN for a few months, the sensation came back. I have been on BetterMAN for at least 4 years now. Good Erection. I also noticed that I used to urinate multiple times a night. Now only 1-2 times.”

Joseph O. (77, improved erection)

“I read about BetterMAN in The Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients. I am turning 77 at the end of this month. My libido is still good but I can’t achieve an erection. I decided to address it and give BetterMAN a try. I trust what I have read on your website and have been a regular customer since 2011.”

Steve O. (50, improved sexual function, doctor’s recommendation)

“My urologist recommended for me to use a high dosage of Omega 3 and also try BetterMAN. After about 3 months on BetterMAN, I started to notice the improvements. I have been on BetterMAN since 2007 and can achieve strong & sustained erections.” 

Bruce M. (57, a longtime user)

“Good Stuff” (a regular customer since 2010)

Dale M. (55, a longtime user)

“I have been using BetterMAN over 10 years. This stuff is fantastic!”

Stan H. (65, a longtime user)

“I am still happy with BetterMAN after 9 years.”

Jim S. (38, decreased premature ejaculation)

“My girlfriend bought the first three bottles of BetterMAN for me. I am now on my 6th bottle. Now she asks ‘Tonight again?’”

Jeff S. (52, improved erection and libido)

“I began to notice in my late 40′s that my previously always active libido seemed to be fading away, and I was beginning to have trouble sustaining erections through intercourse. Perhaps of even more concern, I noticed that I was less interested, and even apathetic at times to the opposite sex. I learnt about BetterMAN through a feature article in Boston Business Journal in 1998, and decided to try it. I did not notice any effect after the first bottle, and only a very slight effect after the second bottle. But by the third bottle, it was apparent that something was happening! I began to get spontaneous erections, in the middle of the day, or while driving. I don’t remember getting spontaneous erections since my teenage and 20’s! What an amazing result! I have stuck to the product, consistently taking BetterMAN. I can get multiple erections daily and they last much longer. Most importantly my libido has increased many folds since I started BetterMAN. Overall this product has improved my quality of life tremendously. I am compelled to give this testimonial because I believe this is really an excellent product that could help many men my age.”

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