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Lawrence Dorman, DO (Applewood Medical Center, Missouri)

“We have recommended BetterMAN to over 300 men to support and improve prostate health and sexual function. Eighty percent of men noticed marked improvement in reduced nighttime frequent urination. We have used many products over the last 30 years, and have found BetterMAN to be the most beneficial product for helping frequent urination. BetterMAN also helps with occasional urinary urgency and urine leakage. BetterMAN is a tremendous help for men with erection issues. Men state that they have harder, firmer, much longer lasting erections, and much better sex. BetterMAN is safe, all natural, and works to revitalize prostate and sexual health. I unreservedly recommend BetterMAN as the best product currently on the market.”

Lester R. Carter (Carter Drugs, Milwaukee)

“The feedback on BetterMAN has been phenomenal, especially for improving prostate health as well as associated erectile function issues. I would highly recommend this product to every man.”

John L. (54, interviewed by The Boston Globe, improved prostate health – pharmacist recommendation)

“I had some occasional prostate and erection issues. I tried many different products with no good results. Several months ago, my then girlfriend, now my wife, a pharmacist, told me about BetterMAN. She told me it was composed of Chinese herbs and that many men were experiencing significant positive results with it. After I took BetterMAN for about two months, I woke up one morning with an erection, which hasn’t occurred in two years! By the time I finished the 4th bottle, I noticed that the urge to urinate was far less frequent. Today I continue to take BetterMAN as suggested. I have to say that my peace of mind and my view of myself as a middle aged man have improved enormously. BetterMAN is a big help.” 

Domino F. (55, improved prostate and bladder health for extra defense)

“I was looking for an extra defensive supplement to keep my prostate and bladder functions as healthy as possible when I am getting older. I found BetterMAN and have been using it since 2010.” 

Peter N. (42, improved prostate health – after doctor’s recommendation)

“I had occasional prostate issues. My doctor, a prominent urologist at Harvard Medical School, had me try an assortment of things over a period of 10 months. And then the doctor mentioned another possibility. He said he knew of men who had some good results from a supplement called BetterMAN and suggested I may want to try it. In the course of my first 2 weeks on BetterMAN, I began to notice some subtle encouraging changes. After approximately 60 days of use, I feel much better and my libido was back. I have been on BetterMAN ever since. I am ecstatic to report that it has been 6 years now! I could not be more pleased with the BetterMAN product. I believe it truly changed the course of my life.”

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