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Gary Kracoff, RPh, (Health & Wellness Center at Johnson Drugs, Boston)

“We have more than 1,000 men currently using BetterMAN. Many of the men report a decrease in occasional urinary urgency and frequency of nighttime urination. Most customers have noticed major improvements in being able to get and maintain erections, and have found an overall greater sexual satisfaction. We have been recommending BetterMAN since 1998, and have found it to be a safe product, without side effects or contraindications with commonly used medications.”

Edward B. (69, reduced nighttime urination frequency)

“Before taking BetterMAN, I was up 2 to 3 times a night and now I can sleep right through! What a relief to get a good night’s sleep. I have been on BetterMAN for more than a year now, and am still very pleased with the results I have been experiencing.”

Bob R. (86, improved bladder control and better sleep!)*

“I had to get up multiple times a night to urinate after a surgery 5 years ago. I started taking a double dose of BetterMAN (4 capsules a day as recommended by a healthcare professional. Last night I slept 5 hours and 20 minutes before I had to get up! I haven’t gotten that much sleep at one time for 5 years! I have tried many other natural remedies, none of which worked. I am glad I found BetterMAN.”

Rick P. (64, improved bladder control)

“I am 64 and pretty healthy. I had a problem with frequent urination. What a great product you have! I now urinate less frequently, and my erections are stronger and more long lasting. Thanks for doing the research. You should be very proud of BetterMAN.”

Ken L. (55, a happy longtime user)

“Excellent product.  I did not appreciate it as much as I should have until I stop using it for a while.”

Garret N. (61, improved ability to empty bladder)

“My bladder issue is that it does not empty completely, leading to frequent trips to the bathroom. I have had occasional leakage during sleep which is very embarrassing. I have tried other formulas without desired results. I have been a regular customer since 2011.”

Kim B. (husband, 60, has reduced nighttime urination frequency)

“My husband had for several years the night-time urination frequency issues (multiple times a night). There has been marked improvement since he’s been taking BetterMAN. What a relief!! As a pastor and community leader, he needs his sleep!”

Joan B. (husband, 80, has improved bladder control)

“My 88-year old husband started having bladder control problems about 15 years ago. He had to wear Depends day and night in case. He has almost finished 4 bottles of BetterMAN – taking 4 capsules a day. Now he can sleep through the night without wearing Depends any longer! He went out last night to choir practice and was gone 2.5 hours. He had no problem! We are so excited. Thank you.”

Bob K. (79, improved bladder control)

“It is very annoying and embarrassing to lose control. I tried many products before and none of them helped me with the leakage. I tried 4 bottles of BetterMAN and saw dramatic differences. I was very impressed. Not only are the dripping and leakage getting better, but I feel more energetic and can sleep much better. I have been on this ever since. A great product.”

Gerry M. (husband, 51, has a calmer bladder)

“My husband has an occasional bladder over-activity. We started him on BetterMAN at 4 capsules/day; after 3 bottles his bladder is much calmer. I am ordering 10 bottles of BetterMAN today! Thank you!”

Kate B. (son, 48, has improved bladder control and less humiliation)

“My son Ron was in an auto accident 30 years ago when he was 18. After prolonged recovery, he was left with: short term memory loss and bed wetting at night. He had to wear a pull up at night. As you know, occasional urine leakage is a big burden for caretakers. When I saw the BetterMAN ad in Reader’s Digest we decided to try it. After one month on BetterMAN, Ron had 21 nights DRY —that’s 70% dry rate! Before BetterMAN, he only had 1-2 nights dry during the whole month. Wearing adult pull-ups is quite humiliating. I told Ron if he continues to improve, we will let him wear whatever he wants at night. We are all thrilled! Thank you.”

Drina B. RN (61, husband, 61, has improved bladder control and self-esteem)

“My husband had bladder control issues for 5 years now. After his second bottle of your formula he is no longer having accidents and sleeps better at night. I have gone from doing laundry daily to only once a week and there are still 2 unopened packages of Depends in the bathroom! I only wish I had discovered this product earlier. What a relief he feels and it has so much improved his self-esteem. We are so grateful for the product. Thank you!”

Gregory S. (68, a happy longtime user)

“I have been on BetterMAN for over 10 years and I am still happy with the results.”

David T. (82, improved bladder control)

“I am an 82 year old man and am very satisfied with your product.  It has given me more control of my bladder. I am now sleep better at night. I also have less call to streak the bathroom during the day.”

Don, J. (59, reduced urination frequency – sleep better through the night)

“I am 59 years old and, like many men my age, have bladder issues, which was frequently forcing me to get up in the middle of the night in order to urinate. I began using BetterMAN a few weeks ago and am now sleeping comfortably through the night! What a Godsend! I would recommend this wonderful herbal product to anyone with the same problem.”

Jeffrey, B. (65, reduced urination frequency and better erections)

“I was just about to give up with BetterMAN when after three bottles I noticed better erections, and finally the ability to sleep longer without having to wake up to urinate. I used to keep a urinal by my bed. You must give BetterMAN a two to three bottle chance to notice it working, but it does work!”

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