Ten-year Study of 5,000 Chinese Men Shows BetterMAN 75% Effective in Improving Sexual and Urinary Functions

Researchers at two of the largest medical hospitals in China compiled a study data on 5,000 male participants who had taken the BetterMAN formula between 1988 and 1997 in order to evaluate the effects of the formula on male sexual and urinary functions. 

The participants, aged from 35 to 65, had expressed desires to improve their sexual functions including erectile, ejaculation and libido, as well as their urinary functions including bladder control, urinary frequency and prostate health.

Participants were instructed to take the BetterMAN formula for three 20-day cycles, a total of 60 days of usage. At the end of each 20-day cycle, the participants would report back any changes in their sexual and urinary functions based on their self-assessment.  The final results were compiled at the completion of the three cycles.

After using the formula three 20-day cycles, 95% of participants reported various degrees of improvement in sexual functions and urinary control. 75% of the participants reported a high degree of satisfaction. In most reports, participants only noticed small changes after the first cycle and major improvements after completing the required 3×20-day cycles.

Fifty participants who used the formula continuously for 3 years reported improvements in overall wellbeing, greater energy levels, and an ability to maintain their desired level of sexual performance and urinary control.

The compiled data showed BetterMAN to be a well-balanced formula providing the following benefits:

  • Promotes both yin and yang function of the kidney
  • Enhances ability to attain and maintain an erection
  • Improves sexual drive and libido
  • Improves ejaculation regularity
  • Improves bladder control
  • Reduces nighttime urinary frequency
  • Reduces occasional leakage
  • Supports prostate health
  • No side effects; safe to use

This data provides some evidence that the BetterMAN formula is effective for Chinese men in improving their sexual and urinary functions. 

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