Short-term Study with American Men: BetterMAN Found to be 70% Effective for Improving Sexual Functions and/or Urinary Control

Results from a 1997-98 independent study of American men indicate that even taken short-term, BetterMAN is 70% effective at enhancing sexual functions and promoting urinary control. In the study, 45 men between the ages of 41 and 71 were recruited to take BetterMAN at the suggested 3×20-day cycle (2 capsules daily after meals with a 3 day break between each bottle). The study was modeled after the A Brief Male Sexual Function Inventory developed at Harvard University to quantitatively measure the effects of BetterMAN pre-post three cycles of use.

The following results were tabulated by a third party:

  • 70%: Improved either sexual or urinary functions
  • 60%: Improved sexual functions
  • 68%: Improved urinary functions

Percentage of participants noticing improvements versus length of treatment:

  • 25% after 1st cycle (bottle)
  • 55% after 2nd cycle
  • 70% after 3rd cycle


There were no side effects or adverse reactions, and after the study, 90% of participants elected to continue taking BetterMAN.

(From “RESULTS FROM THE BetterMAN PRODUCT SURVEY”, March 1998 by Pathfinder Research Group, Acton, Massachusetts. BetterMAN, formerly NuMAN)

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