Effects of A Chinese Herbal Formula BetterMAN On Male Testosterone and HDL

Presentation at Canadian Society for The Study of Aging Male (CSSAM)/International Society for the Study of Aging Male (ISSAM) North American Congress on the Aging Male Vancouver, B.C., Canada, February, 2005

Sergey Dzugan, MD, Keith Lennertz, BS, Dana Shapiro, Susan Luchik, BSMT, William Faloon, Life Extension Foundation, FL;Gottfried Kellermann, PhD, Neurosciences, WI; Peipei Wishnow, PhD, Interceuticals, MA.

OBJECTIVES: The Chinese herbal formula BetterMAN was shown to significantly improve erectile response in a hypercholesterolemic animal model study (1). Clinical evidence has shown that the formula improves male sexual/urinary functions and general wellbeing. We examine the formula’s effect on male free testosterone, lipid profile and related biological parameters.

METHODS: Fourteen men aged 45 to 68 participated in the study taking 2 capsules daily for 60 days. Saliva andfasting blood samples were collected before 9:30 AM on days 0, 20, 40, and 60. Saliva samples were assayed for testosterone levels using a Direct RIA method. Serum samples were assayed for lipid panels and other biological parameters. The serum free testosterone was measured using a Direct Analog RIA method. All data was normalized for analysis.

RESULTS: Twelve men completed the study. Saliva testosterone levels were significantly increased after 60 days (34% average increase, n=8, p< 0.05). HDL levels were also significantly increased after 60 days (10% average increase, n=12, p< 0.02). There were no changes in PSA, Estradiol, DHEA, SHBG, LDL, TG, or total cholesterol levels. The Direct Analog RIA did not show free testosterone changes in serum as otherwise observed in saliva testosterone, confirming AACE’s guideline that Analog methodology may not be suitable for clinical evaluation (2).

CONCLUSION: BetterMAN formula significantly increased saliva testosterone levels, providing a potential explanation for the formula’s broad benefits to men. The fact that the testosterone increases were observed only after 60 days indicates the increased testosterone was endogenous. There were no changes in PSA or Estradiol levels, supporting the formula’s long standing safety record. Surprisingly, HDL levels were significantly increased. Taken together with the elevated caveolin-1 and caveolae in the cavernous endothelia and smooth muscle cells shown in the previous study (1), BetterMAN formula may modulate a novel HDL-caveolae mediated cholesterol efflux process to improve cardiovascular healthand erectile response. These positive findings warrant continued investigation.

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