I. University of California, San Francisco Scientific Study: BetterMAN Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Formula Improves Erectile Function in Rats—Rules Out Placebo Effect

Dr. Lue, known throughout the world for his influential research in the field of impotency, wondered if any of the herbal dietary supplement formulas which claimed to improve ED actually worked. Dr. Lue was intrigued by the reported positive clinical outcomes of BetterMAN. He and his colleagues set out to see if it indeed worked, and if there was a scientific basis for its purported benefits. According to Dr. Lue, “The effectiveness of a product for ED can be ascertained more accurately in animals than in humans due to the absence of the placebo effect, which can run as high as 40% in human studies.”

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II. Ten-year Study of 5,000 Chinese Men Shows BetterMAN 75% Effective in Improving Sexual and Urinary Functions

Researchers at two of the largest medical hospitals in China compiled data on 5,000 men who had taken the BetterMAN formula between1988 and 1997. Patients ranged in age from 35 to 65 and exhibited clinical symptoms of male sexual dysfunction: erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low libido; as well as urinary problems. Physicians questioned patients regarding each symptom and recorded improvements (if any) based on each patient’s self-assessment during office visits at the end of each cycle of treatment.

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III. Short-term Study with American Men: BetterMAN Found to be 70% Effective for Improving Sexual Functions and/or Urinary Control

Results from a 1997-98 independent study of American men indicate that even taken short-term, BetterMAN is 70% effective at enhancing sexual functions and promoting urinary control. In the study, 45 men between the ages of 41 and 71 were recruited to take BetterMAN at the suggested 3×20-day cycle (2 capsules daily after meals with a 3 day break between each bottle). The study was modeled after the A Brief Male Sexual Function Inventory developed at Harvard University to quantitatively measure the effects of BetterMAN pre-post three cycles of use.

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V. The Study of Aging Male

The Chinese herbal formula BetterMAN was shown to significantly improve erectile response in a hypercholesterolemic animal model study (1). Clinical evidence has shown that the formula improves male sexual/urinary functions and general wellbeing. We examine the formula’s effect on male free testosterone, lipid profile and related biological parameters.

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