About the Company

Founder and President of Interceuticals, Inc.Dr. Wishnow
Peipei Wu Wishnow, Ph.D.

When I started Interceuticals, Inc. back in 1997, I was often asked “why,” as a woman biologist, I choose BetterMAN® as the flagship product for the company. Remember, 1997 was the pre-Viagra® era, the erectile function issue was rarely discussed publicly.

I wanted to build a company based on trust, and our first product must be able to deliver that trust, with a safety profile and health benefits noticeable to our customers. BetterMAN can build that trust.

I was born in China into a family with three generations of medical professionals. My grandfather was a well-known herbalist; this medical merit saved his life from the persecution of the Communists in the early 1950s. My parents are both physicians. I firmly believe that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has much to offer the healthcare needs of the world. As a Western trained professional, I also realize that certain aspects of TCM can benefit from Western scientific methods and technology.

After receiving my doctorate in biology in the United States and spending years as a researcher at MIT, CalTech and in the pharmaceutical industry, I clearly saw the value modern Western pharmaceutical companies offer consumers. At the same time, I started to realize the limitations of pharmaceutical drugs. Very often, drugs have many side effects. Most importantly, they are not appropriate for people who want to take a proactive, natural approach to improve their health. I founded Interceuticals to bridge the gap between these two health care cultures.

Company Philosophy

Our mission is to apply Western scientific methods and quality control to time-tested, efficacious TCM formulas. Our goal is to provide a line of high quality TCM products for health conscious consumers like yourself to improve your quality of life naturally.

Investor Relations 

Interceuticals, Inc. is currently a privately held company. Thank you for your interest.

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