How Better Man Works to Increase Prostate Health, Bladder Control and Sexual Stamina

BetterMAN treats a man’s body very differently from the standard Western medical approach.

The philosophy of Western medicine is to treat each problem as specifically as possible to achieve a narrowly defined outcome. If you have some bladder control problems, urine flow issues, and/or decreased sexual function, you would very likely be prescribed with 1 or 2 medications for each of these problems. This kind of specific approach could cause many undesired side effects.

BetterMAN formula takes a holistic approach to your body. It works to strengthen the fundamentals of your body rather than focusing on these seemingly separate issues. Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles, BetterMAN improves blood circulation, modulates testosterone levels naturally, and modulates neuromuscular functions. Doing so BetterMAN ensures that you will have better bladder control, better prostate health, stronger libido and sexual stamina, increased energy levels and overall sense of well being.

How should I take BetterMAN?

In order for BetterMAN to help you, you must be patient and follow the dosage directions. The bladder control and/or sexual issues you are experiencing now did not develope overnight. It will take time for BetterMAN to work into your system and help you. The improvements willl be slow, but steady. Contact us if you have any questions.

Two capsules daily. Minimum recommended dosage 3-4 bottles. Take a 3-day break between bottles. Continue using thereafter for ongoing improvement and maintenance. For faster results, you may take 2 capsules twice a day.

If you are new to BetterMAN product and want to decide how many bottles to order to start with, we highly recommend the 4-bottle or 6-bottle packages. These popular packages would give you a good chance to see to the product working for you.

If you are repeating users, we highly recommend you order the membership packages that would save you both money and the time to manage your supply.

What results should I expect from BetterMAN?

  • Sleep better through the night
  • Reduced number of bathroom trips
  • Reduced feeling of urinary urgency
  • Increased bladder control
  • Improved prostate health
  • Enhanced sexual stamina
  • Increased energy levels

How soon would I see the results?

The progress is gradual and incremental. Do not expect overnight results. Over 70% of men will see noticeable improvements after 3 bottles and some men may see results sooner, depending on your age and starting condition. Our recommended minimum dosage is 3-4 bottles. Continue use thereafter for ongoing improvement and maintenance. If you have occasional bladder leakage issues, you should give BetterMAN a little longer time and expect to see initial improvements after 5-6 bottles.

Is BetterMAN safe?

Many people are concerned about chemicals and side effects. With all natural BetterMAN, there are no such worries.

BetterMAN formula has been safely used in the US since 1998 with no known side effects and no known contraindications with medications.Click here to view other users’ experiences with BetterMAN.

If you have any medical conditions, take prescription medications, plan to have surgery, or are prone to allergic reactions, please consult your health professional before taking any dietary supplement.

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