BetterMAN for Bladder Control, Prostate Health, and Sexual Stamina – A 3-in-1 Formula for Men of All Ages

BetterMAN is a clinically tested, proprietary blend of 18 pure, natural Chinese herbs that provides three unique benefits to men of all ages. BetterMAN helps men to

  • Reduce urinary frequency and promote prostate health
  • Reduce urinary urgency and increase bladder control
  • Increase sexual desire, stamina and performance

BetterMAN delivers these benefits by improving blood circulation, modulating hormone balance and neuromuscular functions based on Traditional Chinese Medicine theories.

BetterMAN’s benefits are supported by numerous studies.

  • UCSF Scientific Study (2000) – Leading urologist Tom Lue, MD published a study on BetterMAN in the prestigious The Journal of Urology, showing that 100% of impotent animals regained potency with improved penile tissues and circulation.
  • The Study of Aging Male international conference (2005) – A BetterMAN study conducted by Life Extension Foundation showed that BetterMAN modulates and increases testosterone and HDL levels in men.
  • US User Survey 2001 – A survey of 230 American BetterMAN users showed that over 70% men reported improved sexual performance and 90% reported improved urinary symptoms.
  • Short Term US Study (1997-1998) – In a 2-month study of American men conducted in 1997-1998, 70% reported improvements in sexual and urinary functions.
  • 10 Year China Study: In a10- year study of 5000 Chinese men, 95% of men reported various degrees of improvements in sexual function and decreased urination frequency after 60 days of using BetterMAN.

We are proudly to say that many users are still happy with BetterMAN’s benefits after more than 10 years on the product. Click here to view Testimonials from users of different ages and health conditions.

BetterMAN has been featured in many mainstream publications and medical newsletters including:WebMD, The Boston Globe,,, GQ, Men’s Journal,, Houston Chronicle, Healthcare Review, Dateline NBC…

Act today and discover what you have missed for all these years. You have nothing to lose.  

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